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This work is primarily from the 21st century with some over-lap of long-running series from the previous century. It covers the last ten years or so. When this is updated (hopefully often) the not-so-recent recent work may graduate into the historical category; but don't count on it.

High Speed Doge\'s Hat on WheelsSquirrel Dome on Wedding CakeGranulare Duck with English SetterGranulare Duck on BoatCrazy Quilt Teapot on DonutsHorn on DonutsPastel Polar BearLittle Guy on Red and BlueRazzle Dazzle Boat with Shark Fin

Repurposed VehicleWillie\'s WorldRCA Victor Dog with Orange and White CylinderEgg on WheelsTeapot Cartoon CarCartoon CarDuck Toy PistolPotato BoxRazzle Dazzle Boat

Western Toy PistolWhole Elk GarageWitch\'s HatBottle Form with HornsDick\'s WorksEgg in CageLand Speed Assault VehicleSierpinski Triangle in RedWitch\'s Hat

Blue and Red Pyramid with Two HornsMarquiscarpasNet of Indra MarquiscarpaRed & Yellow Pyramid with Reddy KilowattRed Star with Blue Sierpinski Triangle in Black FieldRed Yellow and Blue Boat with Two HornsSierpinski Triangle in Black FieldSphere PyramidStars and Stripes Pyramid with Reddy Kilowatt

Basketweave HouseBasketweave PyramidBlack & Yellow Wall BottleEgg BasketGranulare BirdGranulare Bird and EggGranulare Birds & EggsMurrine Tile Sample BoxMurrine Tile Sample Box

Pyramid on SlabShark HouseYellow & Blue Pyramid with HornsBlue & Red TrawlerBoat with ConeCakeCar Installation in Venice, ItalyDust PanDust Pan

Egg with Egg Cup (detail)Eggs with Egg CupsGranulare ElephantHouse on RaftMarquiscarpaMonitorTrawlerCarCar

CarGranulare Elephant #03-1Oculare TeapotsPotato BoxShmoo Sample BoxCar Installation in studioWhole Elk TowerGranulare Murrine Pot With RampartsPotato Head Box

Potato Head BoxSilhouette & Granulare Teapots with BattutoUndulatory ObjectZanfirico Retort on Stand in front of altered Chemistry setZanfirico Retort on Stand in front of altered Chemistry setZanfirico Retort with Chemistry SetAnimal Silhouette Sample BoxesGranulare Cup Sample Box - JesusGranulare Murrine Pot

Mini Animal Silhouette Sample BoxZanfirico Bottle Sample Box - Blue Boy