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This is work done in the 20th Century. It begins in the mid-sixties, hits highlights of the next three decades and ends pretty much when the ball dropped at Time's Square, January 1, 2000, give or take a couple years. I thought this was a good cut-off point.

Large Murrine Sample BoxMarquiscarpaGranulare Bottle on Wooden Pyramid PuzzleGranulare Shelf - Big ChiefGranulare Shelf - HorsesGranulare Shelf - TreesGranulare Vase / Anvil (Rubber Rooster)Ladder UnitCasey Iron Duke

Hightone Red RocketMurrine Sample BoxUncle BabeObject Comparison BoxOil CanTeapot Sample BoxMarquiscarpaBell JarTeapot Goblets

Teapot TrophiesHeart Teapot, Crazy Quilt Teapot, Crazy Quilt CoffeepotD\'Marquis Teapot TrophiesShard PotGreen Rock, White Vase, Red TeapotVenus d\'MarquisPersonal Archive Unit: Glass Eye TripodShard RocketsTasmanian Devil Floor Lamp

Toothbrush Propeller Lustre BirdTeapot TripodsBig GreysLarge TeapotsSiesta GobletThe Lord\'s Prayer Tripod: Harold Be Thy NameCrazy Quilt Banded CylindersPotato Landscape PieceThe Lord\'s Prayer Murrina

Ceramic and Glass TeapotsAmerican Acid Capsule with Cloth ContainerHexagonal BottlesDouble Bubble Vessel, Double-Handled BottleTrapezoidal BottleDouble Handled Vessel